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Montaigne’s Tips for Bloggers: #1, Unruly Negligence

Portrait of Michel de Montaigne

I’ve been reading Sarah Bakewell’s recent biography of Michel de Montaigne, How To Live: or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer, an illuminating and entertaining read, but the chief effect of Bakewell’s book  has … Read more »

“The Facebook Sonnet”

humorous image of facebook addict

Browsing through The New Yorker this weekend, I encountered an unnerving little poem by Sherman Alexie called “The Facebook Sonnet.”  It did what poems are supposed to do:  It got under my skin.  As, of course, has Facebook, which 10 … Read more »

Ras: A Skeleton Key to Great American Writers

Kaze: I Contain Multitudes

A couple of weeks ago, “John J.M.” commented on my post about the late comic novelist Donald E. Westlake, one of a number of writers I’ve run across who have remarked on something I call “writer’s high.” John J.M. got … Read more »