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At 317am, Time to Dim the Lights

image of barack obama raising a glass of beer

Today’s post–and trust me, it was no easy call–is my last for 317am.  It’s the last for any of us—whether Kaze, Ras, or Ted the Cat—till  who knows when.  We may be back someday, but we just don’t know. On … Read more »

An Affinity with Hamlet

Nicol Williamson as Hamlet, with Marianne Faithfull, bless her heart, as Ophelia

Two readers pick up the same work of fiction. One connects with it, the other doesn’t.  All other things being equal, what explains the difference? For me, one question above all decides whether I connect with a work or do … Read more »

Blink of an Eye, Indeed

image of ordinary people with dramatic skies behind them

I realized the other day that the universe is 13.5 billion years old and I am just 61.  I certainly missed a lot of stuff that happened prior to my birth.  Who, for example, set the moon just far enough … Read more »