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Ted Offers Encouragement in a Time of Need

image of a close-up of ted the cat

I was feeling really blue earlier tonight.  Online technology—or perhaps my own technological inadequacies—had let me down once again.  I had spent hours and hours on a writing project for 317am.net, and after doing everything I thought I ought to … Read more »

Miss Casey and Mr. Eliot (reprise)

Image of Miss Margaret Casey

Forgive me, but today’s post is an old one.  It came to mind yesterday when I was talking with a young woman–she happens to be my youngest daughter, Victoria–who’s planning to be a history teacher.  Maybe in high school, maybe … Read more »

Ras: Old Guy Movies

317 - sec eyes2

Argentina’s The Secret in Their Eyes, a film directed by Juan Jose Campanella, won a 2009 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and it deserves the prize. There is much to like in this mystery/thriller:  an intriguing plot featuring that … Read more »

Miss Casey and Mr. Eliot

Image of Miss Margaret Casey

Back in my last year of high school, I had one of those long-gone archetypal English teachers—Miss Margaret Casey, a stout rosy-cheeked New England spinster in a flowered dress with her gray hair up in a bun and glasses dangling … Read more »